Blood Chemistry Calculator Report

Option One - Pay The Lab Directly For Your Blood Test

This option is very quick and easy. 

It is a very simple process…

  1. Purchase your Blood Calculator Report
  2. I will send you a patient intake form so I can collect your details
  3. Once you have completed the patient intake form, I will send you a pathology request form so you can go to the lab for your blood test.
  4. Within 1-2 days after your blood test I will recieve the results and will upload them to the Blood Calculator software. 
  5. Once the software has anaylsed the result, I will send you the link with a copy of your blood test results. 

What If I Need Follow-Up Help?

I know that anyone that listens to the NBT podcast is most likely very switched on and may just want their Blood Calculator Report to track their health.

The $79 cost of the report doesn’t cover me providing support for the report results.

I’m more than happy to offer follow-up consults for people who need them.

The fee for a 1-hour consultation is $195.

This includes;

  • a full health history intake
  • 1-hour online consultation
  • a summary of findings and recommended action steps based on the report

Once you get your Blood Calculator report back, if you decide you’d like a follow-up consultation, we can arrange that easily enough.

If you have any questions, you can always shoot me an email.

Steve Anderson