Blood Chemistry Calculator Report – Option Three

If you have a current blood test with all the markers than it’s a very simple process to get a Blood Chemistry Calculator Report. You simply purchase a report on this page, email me a copy of your results and with 1-2 days you’ll have your report.

Make sure you have all the markers:

All lab results look a little different.

Below is a list of ALL the required markers in an order you’ll most likely see them. Hopefully, this will make it easy for you to check your results against this list. If you have them all, then you are good to go…

If you find that you are missing some markers, you may want to consider the other options that were listed on the main page.

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If you are happy that you have all the required markers, than go ahead and order your report. ​

If you are not sure than simply contact me, and I'll be happy to look over your results and let you know what I think.