THP 032: A Patient's Perspective Of Functional Medicine Treatment With Ann Bolch

Happiness can essentially be boiled down to three key things; Something to do, Someone to love, & Something to look forward to - Dr Gordon Livingston

In this episode, we speak with Ann Bolch about her experience as a functional medicine patient.

Ann has struggled with her health for 47 years, her main complaints were; Fatigue, Depression, Stomach pain/IBS.

After having a thorough health intake, a comprehensive stool & digestive analysis (CDSA 4+), and a SIBO breath test, a reasonably clear picture of what needed to be done emerged.

The process took around 8 months but in Ann’s words, well worth the effort. During the episode, I mentioned to Ann that I wished I had a before and after of how she looked because the changes were so great. Under the Audio player, you’ll see the before and after images…I trust you’ll work out which is which ;).

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Ann Bolch

Join the conversation to hear how Ann was able to turn around 40-years of poor health using a functional medicine approach.




Ann Bolch

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