Blood Chemistry Calculator Report

*This page was created for Australians who want to get a Blood Chemistry Calculator Report — or for anyone who has or can get their blood test results.

BCC Report — For NBT Podcast Listeners Who Want To Look Under The Hood,  Make Change, & Track The Results

Have you ever been to the doctors for a checkup and when the blood test results came back the only feedback you got was;
“Everything is normal”?

This is not uncommon at all.

 I see a tonne of people that feel terrible and when their blood test results come back, their doctor tells them everything is  normal.

The conclusion...

It must all be in your head!

Undoubtedly, there is often a great sense of relief when your results come back and there is nothing serious going on...

(I think deep down we all wonder if there is something wrong with us)


If you want to optimise your health this kind of feedback is next to useless.

When it comes to lab testing, there is a huge gap between health & disease...

Here Is A Classic Example

The images below show the 'FORECAST'  section of the Blood Chemisrty Calculator software.

According to conventional lab ranges, this person had just one measly marker out of range – Ferritin.

Even though her main complaints were severe fatigue and menopausal symptoms...

In a convential medical model she would be told everything is within range, nothing to worry about.

But if you run the results through a machine learning algorithm trained to spot health patterns the results are very different.

What the software predicted...

(*Images open in a pop-up window if you want to take a closer look)

This certainly gives a lot of useful information about potential areas to work on for this person.

Could my human brain have come up with these probablities?

No way on God's Earth...

I may be a bit slow, but I would challenge any human brain to crunch the endless possibilites of these 38 basic blood markers and come up with something even remotley close to those above...

This is extactly why The Blood Chemistry Calculator Software was created

I’ve been following the work of Christopher Kelly and Dr Tommy Wood for a number of years and I had a feeling they would combine their superpowers and create something awesome…

So when they released the Blood Chemistry Calculator software, I couldn’t get my credit card out fast enough to become a paying customer…

As soon as I started using the BCC software in my practice, I immediately saw its value & potential...

I was so excited I literally wanted to do cartwheels!

What I love the most, is how the machine learning algorithm can extracted so much useful & actionable health data from a simple blood panel...

This has the potential to save you a tonne of money on testing and time on (stab in the dark) treatments.

Imagine being able to find patterns in your health (that are miles away from chronic disease), make some changes...

And then see if those changes had the desired impact on your health status...

Without spending a fortune.

How cool would that be?

It makes so much sense to be able to spot things really early on the spectrum of health and disease, make appropriate changes...

And then objectively track those changes.

But not everyone is as enthusiastic as me :(.

When I would send patients to their GP with a letter requesting the basic blood panel with a brief description of the Blood Chemistry Calculator software…

Well, let’s just say the average response was not quite as enthusiastic as mine :).

I don't think this reflects poorly on those GP's...

Not all.

They are working in a pressure cooker enviroment, seeing a lot of people on any given day, and dealing with a lot...

If they are running tests and it's being paid for by medicare, they need to justify those tests.

Our medical model is geared towards diagnosing and treating problems, not optimising health.

If you have a great relationship with your GP and can have a conversation about why you'd like to run these blood tests, I think most would be happy to do it...

But not all doctors have the time or they may be working in a different paradigm...

And so it may not even make sense to them.

I think approaching it respectfully will yield the best results.

If you’d rather not go through the;

"I’d like these markers tested so I can run them through a machine learning algorithm to track my health”,  conversation with your conventional doctor…

There may be an easier way.

(Keep reading, we are getting to that soon)

But first…

What happens if i Already Have Test Results But Only Have Some of The Required Markers For The Software?

It’s not like the software won’t work but it will affect the patterns the machine learning algorithm will be able to detect.

I ran some blood results through the software a while ago and after seeing the report, I realised that one of the markers was missing.

I did include the marker in the original test panel, so I had the team at the Blood Chemistry Calculator add that marker retrospectively…

The marker was RDW (red cell distribution width).

Here are a couple of snippets from both reports, before and after…

Quite a difference!

5-Year Wellness Score
Inflammation Score

It’s not like this one missing marker skewed the whole report, many of the other scores and predictions lined up pretty well.

Although the difference in the inflammation score alone changed the way I structured the treatment, so I’m glad I caught that…

(And it also illustrates how important it is to have all the markers if at all possible) 

Imagine if you had a number of other markers missing as well…

How accurate would the report be?

If you are going to use the Blood Chemistry Calculator software to track your health, I’d suggest getting all the required markers.

Tracking lifestyle changes to optimise your health

As discussed in the podcast with Chris, I’m super excited about how this software can help you track lifestyle changes that you are making in an attempt to improve your health & performance.

Here are a few examples of what you could potentially track using the software:

  • How changing your diet effects your markers of health
  • Starting a new supplement regime, is it having the desired effect on nutrition status, inflammation, metabolic health
  • Undergoing a therapy with any practitioner, what’s the impact on your health?
  • Training in a different way and how this changes your health
  • Doing a detox protocol
  • Changing sleep patterns or starting a meditation practice

And the list goes on and on…

Of course, numbers on a test are not the only way to assess if something is right for you or not, but if you are making changes that feel good but are increasing your cardiovascular risk…

Well, it’s probably good to know about this sooner rather than later.

Getting A Blood Chemisty Calculator Report

There Are 3 Different Options:

Option 1 -  Pay the laboratory directly for your blood test

Option 2 - Get your GP to order the required blood test for you

Option 3 -  You already have blood test results and just want the report

Typically, once I have the blood test results it takes 24/48 hours to get your Blood Chemistry Calculator Report.

What If I Need Follow-Up Help?

I know that anyone that listens to the NBT podcast is most likely very switched on and may just want their Blood Calculator Report to track their health.

The $79 cost of the report doesn’t cover me providing support for the report results.

I’m more than happy to offer follow-up consults for people who need them.

The fee for a 1-hour consultation is $249.

This includes;

  • a full health history intake
  • 1-hour online consultation
  • a summary of findings and recommended action steps based on the report

Once you get your Blood Calculator report back, if you decide you’d like a follow-up consultation, we can arrange that easily enough.

I really feel the work Chris, Tommy, and Megan are doing with this software is groundbreaking and I’m more than happy to help you access what they have created.

If you have any questions, you can always shoot me an email.

Steve Anderson