THP 013: a holistic approach to chronic back pain with chris york

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Chris York is a licensed osteopath practising in Ahuriri, Napier, New Zealand.

Chris practised as a traditional osteopath for nearly a decade at which point he fell ill and was unable to work.

During Chris’s journey back to health, he found that osteopathy alone wasn’t enough, and so he broadened his views and eventually regained his health applying a combination of nutrition, stress management, and manually therapy. Since restoring his health, Chris has been enthusiastically sharing what he learned with his patients allowing them to also recover from chronic and debilitating back pain.

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Chris York

In this conversation, Chris talks about how osteopathy alone was not enough to treat his chronic back pain and how he is now helping others do the same.


York Osteopathic Clinic:

52 Battery Road 

Ahuriri, Napier, 4110

New Zealand


06 834 0651


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4:00 – How Chris started working holistically as an osteopath

10:55 – The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

12:50 – The challenges of changing from a traditional/mechanical approach to osteopath to a holistic way of working

19:00 – The types of patients who require more than just mechanical therapy

21:00 – The framework that Chris is using to work with patients who are suffering from chronic back pain

22:30 – The importance of nutrition and digestive health in chronic pain cases

26:10 – Buteyko breathing a method of stress and pain management

34:30 – Why is sleep so critical in the healing of chronic pain?

38:00 – Setting the framework for a long-term treatment strategy

40:35 – The best exercise for back pain


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