THP 031: Machine Learning Meets Functional Medicine - The Blood Chemistry Calculator

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In this conversation, we discuss the newly released Blood Chemistry Calculator that Chris Kelly developed (he was a software engineer in a past life) in collaboration with Dr Tommy Wood, and Megan Roberts.

Chris Kelly is the Co-Founder of Nourish Balance Thrive (nbt), an online functional medicine practice that specializes in helping athletes optimize their health and performance.

This is one of the most exciting episodes I’ve done because of the potential this software has to change the way health coaching and functional medicine is done.

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Chris Kelly

Join the conversation with Chris Kelly where he talks about the software he and his team have created to analyse blood chemistry using a machine learning algorithm.



Nourish Balance Thrive

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Nourish Balance Thrive

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1:50 – What areas of your business have you had to grow in order to make Nourish Balance Thrive a success?
4:30 – Compared to five years ago, how has your consulting style changed over the past 5 years?
10:50 – The types of problems many people on AI are working on in the medical industry.
12:15 – What were the frustrations that made you want to create a blood chemistry software?
16:32 – The Research project on optimal vitamin D levels.
19:00 – How the Blood Chemistry Calculator gets the data into the software.
21:00 – How the machine learning algorithm works.
24:00 – Could machine learning allow health coaches to make predictions and then implement lifestyle changes without doing extensive testing?
27:24 – Some of the current limitations of the machine learning algorithm.
31:12 – The difference between working with athletes and non athletes.
34:09 – Simon Marshall, PhD Performance Psychologist.
34:35 – Optimal ranges versus standard ranges, and why Chris choose not to use the term functional ranges.
36:44 – Chris’s interview withDr. Pedro Domingos, Ph.D. on machine learning
40:45 –How Chris uses Trello to manage his consultation.
42:20 – The extended narrative component of the software and the usefulness of this visual page for educating patients.
44:05 – The Forcast section of the Blood Calculator Software.
47:00 – The software calculates a predicted age based on the blood chemistry, how does that work?
49:20 – Can the blood chemistry software be used by health coaches to quantify progress?
51:10 – The advantages of only using basic biomarkers combined with machine learning vs doing an extensive blood chemistry panel.
53:15 – The cost of running the Blood Calculator markers in Australia.
55:20 – The 5 year predicted health score and how this is calculated.
59:00 – How the machine learning works to come up with predictions.
01:02:05 – Support and education for practitioners using the Blood Chemistry Calculator.
01:06: 14 – Where to go to use the Blood Chemistry Calculator 20% off reports
01:10:35 – Who Chris thinks will use the Blood Chemistry Calculator.


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