THP 017: chris kress's ADAPT funtional medicine training with laura paris

I notice when I look back on my history all the periods of times that I stuggled or had flares of my illness, it was a time of stress where I wasn't doing some sort of stress management...

Laura Paris is a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner. She was using Paleo nutrition principles to manage her rheumatoid arthritis in the 90’s well before most people even knew what the word paleo meant.

Laura is board certified Chinese Medicine practitioner and has been pursuing her passion for functional medicine for many years. In this interview, we talk about her experiences going through Chris Kresser’s Functional Medicine training program and how this has transformed her practice.

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Laura Paris

Laura talks about how it was a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis many years ago that lead her into working as a functional medicine practitioner.



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Paris Healing Arts

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5:19 – How Laura got into being a health care practitioner
9:59 – NeanderThin (Book) by Ray Audette
10:18 – Robb Wolf
13:58 – The connection of parasitic infections, GI health, and rheumatoid arthritis
18:45 –  Biologic medications for rheumatoid arthritis – Enbrel
23:13 – The effects of stress on health
27:03 – Holly Guzman
28:11 – Chris Kresser’s Functional Medicine Training Program –
29:39 – MD HQ clinical management system
37:17 – 
Keith Rhys Evergreen Audience Course


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