THP 001: Finding your way back from chronic illness with jennifer ellis-schuetz

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Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz is a holistic health coach who uses a functional medicine approach to helping her clients recover their health.

As we discuss in this episode, Jennifer had a monumental struggle with her health, a battle that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and more than 15 years of her life.

She has a background in education and combines this with various health/life coaching methods she has learned as well as functional medicine to help her clients back to health.

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Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz

In this conversation, Jennifer talks about a fateful trip she took with her sister to South America. The consequences for her and her sister are devastating and heartbreaking but ultimately life changing... for the better.



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1:50 – How a trip to Central America led to many years of chronic health issues

5:10 – The symptoms that would lead to years of a long health struggle

11:30 – Some of the conditions that Jennifer was diagnosed with; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Interstitial Cystitis.

12:50 – A treatment with an integrative doctor that cost well over $200, 000…

17:25 – How removing a 20 cm cyst from Jennifers liver led to huge improvements in her health and resolved the Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

21:53 – The next health event that led to a complete and utter breakdown on all levels

25:45 – How Jen started to unravel the complicated health picture that had developed as a result of many years of sickness and drug therapy

27:18 – The importance of addressing physical stressors while working on the emotional/spiritual plane

33:45 – The stress chronic illness can put on a relationship

38:15 – The philosophy that Jennifer’s father passed on to her that has become the underpinning of her life and practice.

41:45 – The way in which Jennifer works with her clients and the reason why she prefers a package approach to working with her clients

47:00 – The way Jennifer layers her treatments

51:45 – The functional tests that Jennifer uses in her practice

56:35 – Jennifer’s health these days


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