THP 001: Helping Women Get Their Mojo Back with Emma Sutherland

Happiness can essentially be boiled down to three key things; Something to do, Someone to love, & Something to look forward to - Dr Gordon Livingston

Emma Sutherland is a fully qualified Naturopath, having completed four years of training in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homoeopathy as well as a Bachelor of Health Science. She is a successful mum, author, clinical naturopath and TV presenter and her mission in life is to inspire women to get their mojo back.

Emma also has a passion for children’s health, Emma has completed her MAPS (Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs ) Practitioner Training as well as MINDD Practitioner Training. Nothing makes Emma happier than seeing her little patients blossoming!

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Emma Sutherland

Naturopath and Hebalist Emma Sutherland shares how she is helping women to get their mojo back.


Studio You

135 Roundtree Street

Birchgrove NSW 2041

Phone: 02 9216 7600



​Emma Sutherland

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3:00 – On finding your passion and getting your mojo firing. Emma’s story of how she lost her mojo after giving birth to her daughter and how she recovered from this

10:00 – Why women get burnt out and exhausted and how to avoid this

14:50 –  The myth of a balanced life and how to be super productive in the storm of life

18:25 –  Emma’s tips on how to be productivity

21:09 – Mentoring other upcoming natural health practitioners on how to run a successful healthcare practice and what the major hurdles for people going into practice

29:28 – Emma’s TV show, Eat Yourself Sexy and how she built her media profile.

32.05– Emma’s approach to working with patients.

34:00 – Working with children suffering with constipation.

36:46– Emma Sutherland’s upcoming clinic space, Studio You.

3904 – Personal lifestyle habits that keep Emma brimming with energy & enthusiasm.


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