THP 003: Building A Thriving Functional Medicine Practice...

While Living In A Remote Coastal Paradise

Happiness can essentially be boiled down to three key things; Something to do, Someone to love, & Something to look forward to - Dr Gordon Livingston

Michael Smith is a N.D. BHSC (Naturopathy) who has a passion for health and fitness. He loves working with athletes, biohackers, and people who want to take their health and fitness to the next level.

Michael has a keen interest in functional medicine and has studied with Dr. Daniel Kalish (Kalish Institute), Dr. Ben Lynch, and currently with Chris Kresser.

Michael offers a range of functional & genetic testing and is skilled in dealing with GUT issues, hormonal imbalances, and optimal performance.

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Michael Smith

Join our conversation with Michael where he talks about how he is able to live in a remote and bueatiful part of Australia and build a thriving online functional medicine business. 


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3:15 – Building a virtual healthcare business using the power of the internet

6:40 – On living a balanced, healthy life

8:10 – How Michael changed from being a chef to a naturopath

12:20 – Michael's transition into working with functional medicine in his naturopathy practice

14:50 – Living with MTHFR, MTR, CBS polymorphisms

17:50 – Genetic testing as a clinical tool

21:07 – About patient compliance and making lifestyle changes

27:50 - The types of conditions Michael is commonly treating

30:20 – Testing for SIBO

35:20 – Michael's tips on having a successful business

37:22 – Michael's daily health habits

38:54 - Wim Hof's breathing and meditation technique


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