THP 011: How To Get A Lot Of People well Using function medicine with evan brand

Happiness can essentially be boiled down to three key things; Something to do, Someone to love, & Something to look forward to - Dr Gordon Livingston

Evan Brand is a functional medicine practitioner who runs his virtual wellness clinic from home and helps people from all corners of the globe.

Evan’s brand is Not Just Paleo; he has a very informative health blog, a fantastic podcast, three books, his range of supplements, and underpinning all of this is his functional wellness consulting business.

In this episode, we talk about what Evan feels are the keys to his success in helping a lot of people find their way back to health using a three systems approach to functional medicine. He currently has a 95% success rate with helping his patients…high by anyone’s standards I’d say.

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Evan Brand

Listen in on this conversation with Evan Brand where he talks about how he is helping a lot of people with a virutal functional medicine model.




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1:35 – Evan’s most recent book, The Everything Guide To Nootropics

2:25 – How to easily write a book

7:42 – The importance of nature in the healing process

24:24 – Evan’s mentor, friend and podcast co-host Dr. Justin Marchegiani D.C.

28:40 – The 3 body system approach that Evan uses in his practice

44:00 – The qualities of a great practitioner

47:30 – Pediatrician, Gastroenterologist, and Allergist Dr. Rodney Ford

49:00 – Work life balance and the importance of walking your talk

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