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Alison Vickery is a board-certified health coach who specialises in helping people overcome histamine intolerance, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS or mould illness), and other functional GUT issues.

In this episode, we talk about Alison’s long struggle with histamine intolerance and how healing herself lead her to the work of helping others suffering from similar issues.

Alison has written some e-books on the topic histamine intolerance and worked as a health coach with clients globally.

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Alison Vickery

Alison talks about how she suffered from histamine intolerance and through finding answers for herself, she is now able to coach other people through the process.



The Low Histamine Coach

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Alison Vickery Certified Health Coach

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0:55 – Alison’s back story and how she became a health coach working with people suffering from histamine intolerance
2:40 – Drug intolerance and it’s connection to histamine intolerance
6:34 – The symptoms that Alison was struggling with prior to a diagnosis of histamine intolerance
7:19 – Insomnia and histamine intolerance
9:52 – Histamine intolerance is a symptom, not a diagnosis
10:00 – Why is it that people were once able to tolerate histamines in their diet and then suddenly are unable to?
14:02 – For people with histamine intolerance what are the types of symptoms they will experience after an exposure to histamine?
15:19 – Another major source of histamine other than food is bacterial infections in the GUT
17:11 – The two main enzymes that break down histamine
18:55 – The GUT tests that Alison runs with clients
21:05 – DAO (diamine oxidase) tests; Australia Immunopro, USA Dunwoody labs
21:24 – Variation of DAO during a women’s cycle
24:45 – Genetic test for medication tolerance
33:05 – H-Pylori and it’s connection to histamine intolerance
37:45 – Alison’s treatment packages that she offers to her clients
42:57 – Over the last 7 years of being a health coach what are some of the things that you’ve learned working with people
53:35 – Graded histamine intolerance list

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