THP 012: reframing insulin resistance with Dr tommy wood

Saying insulin resistance is caused by too much insulin as like saying infant mortality is caused by too many children...Chris Masterjohn

Dr Tommy Wood is a qualified medical doctor (BA BM Bch), graduating from Oxford University in 2011. He has a previous Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences and Biochemistry from Cambridge University.

After working as a junior doctor in the UK for two years, he went on to do his PhD in neonatal brain metabolism at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Tommy is also an experienced rowing and strength coach. Having spent the best part of a decade rowing at Cambridge and Oxford, he became increasingly interested in how nutrition affects athletic performance. He has lectured at international conferences on the effects of diet and nutrition on chronic disease.

Tommy is also the chief medical advisor for Nourish Balance Thrive.

In this episode, we talk about insulin resistance in detail.

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Dr Tommy Wood

Listen in on this masterclass on insulin resistance with Dr Tommy Wood.



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Dr. Tommy Wood

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1:00 – Tommy’s pathway into medicine and ultimately a researcher

6:07 – Tommy’s role at Nourish Balance Thrive

8:40 – The system analysis model that Tommy uses to look at complicated and chronic disease states

11:09 – Quote from Chris Masterjohn

11:30 – Is the model of insulin resistance to simplistic?

14:00 – The health costs associated with elevated insulin levels

16:05 – The surprising effect of insulin that is rarely spoken about

17:30 – How adipose tissue can take up glucose faster than muscle tissue

18:50 – The effects of taking insulin

20:45 – The metabolic effects of excess energy consumption

28:45 – The order of insulin resistance in the tissues

32:10 – The role of insulin receptors on hepatic cells

35:45 – The role of glucagon and how insulin resistance affects this feedback loop

38:50 – High liver enzymes

39:40 – What causes insulin resistance

41:15 – How to test for insulin resistance

43:24 – The Kraft Insulin assay

46:25 – Infections and their impact on insulin resistance

50:05 – Reframing insulin sensitivity and why it’s more likely a problem from within the cell rather than too much insulin acting on the outside of the cell

52:30 – HPA-D and insulin resistance

57:44 – How lack of sleep affects insulin sensitivity

1:00:00 – Why a low-carb diet could be just managing symptoms rather than actually treating the cause of insulin resistance

1:05:15 – Finding the root causing of insulin resistance the key to successful long lasting treatment outcomes

1:14:00 – Concierge Clinical Coaching

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