THP 016: Treating Pelvic Pain Associated With Adhedsions And SIBO With Alyssa Tait

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Alyssa Tait is a physiotherapist and a naturopath that has a unique set of skills allowing her to work with patients who are suffering from pelvic pain that is complicated with digestive disorders such as IBS/SIBO.

In this interview, we discuss the topics of pelvic pain, adhesions, SIBO and how to go about treating these conditions.

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Alyssa Tait

Join this conversation with Alyssa Tait where she describes how adhesions can be an underlying cause of digestive issues.




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Alyssa Tait

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2:29 – Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and bladder dysfunction
4:43 – Dr. Melvyn Sydney Smith
9:01 – Pelvic pain and pelvic inflammation
11:52 – Sexual pain, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, vaginismus
18:16 – The different kinds of adhesions
22:35 – Visceral spasms
24:01 – The effects of emotions on the muscular tissue in the digestive tract
24:39 – The emotional connection to restrictions of movement in the abdominal tissue
25:17 – Central sensitisation and chronic pain syndrome
30:54 – The Barral Institute  (Jean-Pierre Barral)
31:45 – The connection between endometriosis and SIBO
34:03 – Can SIBO be cleared by physiotherapy or manual therapy alone?
35:20 – The importance of the language clinicians use and not becoming part of the problem
42:25 – Treatment time frames for treating people with adhesions, endometriosis, and SIBO

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