THP 020: UK Doctor Awarded Prize For LCHF Work While Australian Doctor Is Silenced, What Is Going On?

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Dr Joanne McCormack received the prestigious Royal College of General Practitioners prize for her work helping people with obesity and diabetes using a Low Carb approach. She has teamed up with other colleagues and founded a charity called the Public Health Collaboration with the primary aim of helping educate other medical professionals and the public about the option of adopting an LCHF lifestyle.

It is somewhat ironic that Australian doctor, Gary Fettke was silenced from recommending an LCHF approach while his medical counterpart in the UK is recognised and awarded.

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Dr Joanne McCormack

Listen in to hear how Joanne went from practising as a conventional medical doctor in a busy medical centre to getting a prestigious award for her work with diabetics using an LCHF approach.



Warrington CCG - Arpley House

103 Birchwood Boulevard

Birchwood, Warrington,

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Joanne McCormack


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1:19Royal College of General Practitioners Mersey Faculty Award
4:40 – The contrast between how Dr. Gary Fettke and Dr. Joanne McCormack have been treated
7:33 – NICE guidelines for giving advice to diabetic patients  (section 1.1.1 & 1.3.1)
10:08 – Joanne’s entry into using LCHF as a tool in her practice
24:39 – Joanne’s approach to an average patient she may see
26:43 – Joanne’s main resource hub she recommends to her patients;
30:34 – Dr. David Unwin, winner of the RCGP GP Innovator award, 2016
31:38 – The Public Health Collaboration
31:52 –
37:31 – Public Health Collaboration Annual Conference 2017
46:01 – 
Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s Tedx Talk – Making Disease Disappear


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