THP 030: What causes migraine headaches with erin knight

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Erin Knight regards herself as a health engineer who specialises in uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of Migraine Headaches.

Erin was a long-time sufferer from migraine headaches and eventually got fed up with the impact it was having on her life and started to seek solutions other than symptom management.

Over time her headaches disappeared and so she decided to reverse engineer what had worked for her and made the shift from a career as an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry to helping other migraineurs solve their migraine issues using a functional medicine approach.

In this interview, we discuss Erin’s approach to helping people suffering from migraines.

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Erin Knight

Join us to hear how Erin reverse engineered her chronic migraines and is now helping others do the same.



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1:30 – Erin’s first experience with a migraine headache
7:27 – The tipping point where Erin decided enough was enough and chose a different approach to addressing her migraine headaches.
15:46 – Erin’s Migraine Freedom Plan, a framework she uses to help people through their migraine healing journey.
17:45 – The hidden causes of migraine headaches and the lab tests used to uncover these.
22:05 – The Migraine Summit that Erin hosted in July 2017.
25:13 – Gluten and its relationship with migraine headaches.
30:25 – Erin’s approach to working with patients.
34:00 – How long does it usually take for people to see results?
36:18 – Exercise and migraine headaches.

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